I believe this site will provide some helpful advice in your search for the necessary information required to help your pet achieve a healthy enjoyable life. Although there is no cure, with proper care diabetes in dogs is manageable, as I am discovering.



I recently recommended GlucoBalance, since it was recommended by friends whose opinion I value. I also know both Rex and Minnie get regular veterinary visits and are both doing fine.

Dogs generally have type 1 diabetes. Their pancreas produces no insulin at all, so they need insulin injections to survive. Vitamins and minerals cannot replace the action of insulin. So if you give your dog vitamin supplements, you still need to give them insulin injections.

It's important to remember that GlucoBalance must be used regularly for maximum effect, to protect your pet against illness and the harmful effects of diabetes on the body.

It is best used in conjunction with conventional veterinarian treatment. Also, you should ask your vet to monitor your pet's progress to determine whether regular use of GlucoBalance will allow a reduction in conventional treatment.

And remember, diabetes is best treated holistically, with medication, diet and lifestyle factors all receiving equal attention.

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